Infinity Aromatiqs was borne from a special interest in healing. By trade, I work as a hospital pharmacist, something I consider as a form of healing. A trauma at the beginning of my career left me in chronic pain, struggling not only physically but mentally with how to live a life coping with chronic pain and all that comes with it. This led me to look for therapies outside of the conventional, and there, I found Reiki.


A spiritual concept which is considered as a form of healing, quickly became one for me. From walking into my first session with tears in my eyes to developing the tools that would teach me to manage my pain both mentally and physically. It treats the mind, body, emotional and spirit fields and further gave me a better understanding as to the basis of my experiences. Ultimately, I became a reiki master, learning the art and using it to self heal, as well as helping family and friends with their ailments.

Alongside reiki & crystal healing, I developed an interest in the healing properties of essential oils and found a passion in combining the three. At the same time, the idea of ritualising started evolving in my mind. How rituals can become a part of daily life, the way certain routine parts of the day could become meditative, how the act of creating new beliefs from creating rituals can be so therapeutic. And so became Infinity Aromatiqs, the perfect tool to ritualise with.


Infinity Aromatiqs is a lifestyle that incorporates self healing and care at its heart, from the candle you light to meditate to or invigorate with during your morning yoga, to the body butter you luxuriate in on a Sunday evening, and the intensely relaxing skin treatment of a massage candle following a bathe with our salt scrub, all our products aim to improve and sustain your wellbeing – in mind, body and spirit.

All our products are made in reiki – we consider it more that an ingredient! We use completely natural ingredients, no hidden petrochemical paraffins or mineral wax. In Infinity Aromatiqs, we have created thoughtful blends with specific properties and intent to entice specific emotions and responses, ultimately promoting your wellbeing. We seek out the highest quality ingredients (and organic where possible), respecting the power of nature to balance and rejuvenate, inside and out. Our blends are informed and adapted based on your feedback and requirements. Our products are all handmade and handpoured in small batches, infused with reiki from start to finish. They are free from synthetic fragrances, silicones, paragons, mineral oils, sulphates, phthalates, GMO, PEGs, TEA and DEA, and packaged in reusable and recyclable glass and metalware.

Make these honest, natural, ethical rituals a part of your wellbeing…