Spiritual Principles of Reiki (Today’s Prayer)

Today’s Prayer – The Spiritual Principles of Reiki

  • Do not worry – because worry is a reflection of fear, lack of faith and insight. We all have life lessons to learn and grow from, but must do so with the faith that the #universehasourback
  • Do not anger – because this is sign of lack of control, a reflection of our state of mind and again, lack of faith.
  • Honour our parents teachers & elders – and another being who may have guided or nurtured us along our journey. Be open to where & who this guidance and nurture may be offered from.
  • Earn our living honestly – creating a positive giving and receiving cycle. Taking responsibility for ourselves, placing us in a position of control in our own lives.
  • Show gratitude – allowing us to reconnect and appreciate the #abundance around us, acknowledging ourselves as co-creators in this life.

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