The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra, known as “Manipura” in Sanskrit, or ‘lustrous gem’

Colour association: Yellow.

It is located just above the naval, extending up to the breastbone – where the ribs meet.

The solar plexus is where your personal power sits, confidence, wisdom, intuition and self esteem comes from a balanced third chakra.

Physically, it governs all metabolic and digestive functions. It is also associated with pancreatic function.

Spiritually, one of the main functions of the solar plexus chakra is to provide momentum to move forward, realise personal desires, intentions & ambitions in life. This is a fundamental purpose in the development of personal power. It influences how you are perceived by the world around you.

When balanced, you may find that you are able to assert yourself with ease to achieve desired, mutually beneficial results effortlessly, maintaining harmonious relationships with your surroundings.

 An overactive solar plexus chakra can manifest as a need for excessive control over your environment, obsessing with details and losing sight of the ultimate goal, behaving with a lack of compassion or empathy.

An underactive or blocked solar plexus chakra can be identified by indecisiveness, insecurity and a feeling of a lack of direction, purpose or ambition.

Solar plexus balancing affirmations:

∞ I assert myself with ease for the greater good
∞ I am strong and courageous
∞ I choose healthy relationships
∞ I am ambitious and direct my life with ease.
∞ I am at peace with myself
∞ I am power
∞ I am intuition

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