The Throat Chakra

The fifth of the main chakras, known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit. This chakra is all about communication, being truthful to yourself, those around you, and the universe.

Colour association: Blue.

It’s position, between the heart and head, linking feeling and thought, the throat chakra deals with the purification of mind, body and spirit. This chakra is the first of the more spiritual ones, whilst the lower chakras manifest on more of a physical level.

When balanced, you’ll be able to communicate with clarity, love, kindness & truth. You’ll know exactly how to manage a situation and what words to use. You’ll also be able to listen effectively and receive the intended message without difficulty. Speaking with a balanced throat chakra will inspire those around you.

Our throat chakra becomes overactive when, for example, we’ve spent too much energy trying to make our voices heard. Those with overactive throat chakras will often interrupt others and speak louder than those around them. Physically, those with overactive throat chakras will often suffer with sore throats, frequent infections and mouth ulcers.

If, when feeling ignored and unheard, we shutdown, becoming quiet, repressed and rarely speaking our truth, our throat chakra is underactive. Those suffering from this will often be referred to as shy and struggle to articulate their message with clarity. Physical symptoms of this often include digestive problems, as energy diverted away from the throat is swallowed up by the solar plexus chakra. Other blockage symptoms include thyroid issues, neck and shoulder stiffness, tension headaches & sinus problems.

Opening your throat chakra:

∞ Reiki!

∞ Use blue – clothes, jewellery, food, drinks

∞ Cleanse with water – stay hydrated, physically cleanse the throat chakra too

∞ Talk your issues through

∞ Write it down – journal!

∞ Let it go. As hard as it sounds sometimes it’s all there is to do!


∞ I express myself with clarity & confidence
∞ I speak my truth with kindness & ease
∞ I communicate effectively & with integrity.

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